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Colorado Narrow Rim Porcelain White

Colorado Narrow Rim Porcelain White China - Hotel & Restaurant Dishes,Wholesale Dinnerware
Wholesale Quality Colorado Narrow Rim Porcelain White Dinnerware - Ovenware, Wholesale Tuxton China, Wholesale Restaurant Dishes, Serving Dishes, and Wholesale Dinnerware. The Use and Care for your Tuxton China Products: By using proper handling techniques with your Tuxton China, you not only increase its' life span, but also greatly reduce your operating costs.
Handling: Use separate bus boxes for china, glass, and metal products when busing. This will reduce chipping and breakage of both glass and china. Although Tuxton China is manufactured to resist thermal shocking, it is a good idea to try to limit the Tuxton China to large, rapid changes in temperature. Never place Tuxton china over an open flame.
Washing Method: Improperly operated automatic dishwashers will cause the Tuxton China to be returned to the food preparation area in a stained and soiled condition. To avoid this, make sure your machine is operating correctly. It is important to have your dealer help you check and make sure the water temperature, pressure, and condition in each wash and rinse cycle are set to properly clean the china. Coffee, tea, and certain foods, if left to stand, may cause hard to re move stains on your china, so it is a good idea to wash the Tuxton china right after use, or within 30 to 45 minutes after use. However, if an accumulation of used ware occurs, immediately scrape the china after use. Pre-rinse the soiled china with 110 to 120 degree Fahrenheit water if time allows, and stack the ware, no more than 12 pieces high. Do not remove stains with scouring powder or pads as using them may permanently damage the china and make it more susceptible to staining.
Proper Storage: Easily accessible and ample storage space should be provided for your Tuxton china. When china is not correctly stored, such as in overhead storage, more breakage can result. China can pick up dark, unsightly metal marks from aluminum and low grade stainless. Thus, all china should be stored on high grade, non-magnetic stainless shelving. Also recommended is that high grade, non-magnetic stainless utensils be used with china to avoid metal markings.

Microwave Safe! Oven Proof!
Dishwasher Safe!

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