While we at jerseytowelsupply.com appreciate every order of linens and bath towels that we receive, we also know the value of having towels and linens that last a long time. We pride ourselves on delivering top-quality items so that our customers get the most value out of their orders.

Every now and again, though, we get comments or questions about how to best care for bath towels so they last the longest time available and lose as little absorbency as possible over time. It is all about maximizing the money paid, so we are happy to help by posting here some of the best suggestions for making your bath towels last a long time. Regular household towels could last 10 years or more if cared for properly; commercial towels that undergo a lot of use and washing could last one to two years if you follow these guidelines:

Before you even use the towels for the first time, wash and dry them completely to remove silicone from the towels and fluff the fibers to get maximum absorbency.

When washing colored towels, use half the recommended amount of detergent and put 1/2 cup to 1 cup of white vinegar in the water for the first few washings. This help set the colors so they don't bleed or fade over time.

Ideally, wash towels twice a week, or at least rotate them twice a week. Wash white towels in hot water and non-chlorine bleach, and colored towels in warm water with color-safe bleach.

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Wash towels separately from clothes.

Only use fabric softener every three to four washes, as the residue from softeners can hamper absorbency by damaging the fibers.

When removing towels from the dryer, give them a shake to fluff the cotton fibers.

Make sure towels are fully dry, and avoid overdrying.

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