When you see the measurement 18/0, it means a product is manufactured of 18% chromium stainless steel, no nickel content. 18/0 is less expensive because of this and various companies offer 18/0 products as an alternative, passing the savings on to consumers. In light of that, one would expect these items to be a disappointment. But that actually depends on the manufacturer and the particular product. There are many 18/0 items on the market made of high quality fine stainless steel. The brand name, reputation, customer reviews, and if possible - a "handling" test are good ways to assess craftsmanship. With 18/0 flatware providing you with savings, that should be a sufficient reason to buy it, but there’s another, more important reason to consider only offering your guests 18/0 flatware.


18/10, 18/8, and 18/0 - These numbers refer to the combination of metals used in the manufacturing process. The first thing flatware shoppers should know is that there is no difference between 18/10 or 18/8. These products are exactly the same. In past years, manufacturers changed the description of 18/8 to 18/10.   Fine quality stainless steel flatware is usually comprised of 18% chromium and 10% nickel. Chromium resists stains, rust, corrosion and is a strong solid metal in it's own right. The nickel content is said to add strength to the strength of the product, however these days there are many people suffering from nickel allergies, which is a very strong factor weighing in your decision of whether or not to provide nickel-free flatware to all your guests.


As the average person is not acquainted with what those little numbers are on their flatware, (in fact most probably haven’t even noticed that they’re there), most would be shocked to learn that they are eating on a growingly prevalent allergen.  Your customers rely on you to look out for their welfare, and in doing so, it is your responsibility to honor their trust by doing everything you can to limit and prevent exposure to any possible health risks.  So this is why 18-0 flatware is what caring food service establishments should be looking at, for the sake of their customers and their conscience.