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The Chef’s Hat History

Posted by Mike on 2/8/2014
The traditional chef’s hat is also called a toque blanche, which is traditionally worn with a white double-breasted jacket and checkered pants. The intention behind the design of the double-breasted jacket is that if the jacket were to become stained, it could quickly be reversed to look fresh and clean. This is a common chef’s uniform in the Western world.

Wash After Wash: Keeping Your towels Clean, Fresh and Soft

Posted by Mike on 2/2/2014
Freshly washed, clean and fluffy towels are a joy to use. After a few washes with standard detergent, towels become stiff and cardboard-like. Using fabric softener makes your towels feel soft once again, but it also coats the fibers of the towel with residue, making the towels less effective at drying your body. Use these simple tips to keep your towels feeling fresh, clean and soft.

Reduce the Risk of Buildup on Your Shower Curtain

Posted by Mike on 1/29/2014
Although it is easy to forgo the prevention of soap and grime buildup and mildew on shower curtains, there are simple ways to prevent them from appearing. Instead of ignoring these unsightly occurrences or being forced to constantly clean your shower curtain, take these few precautions on a regular basis.

Logo Branding Your Amenities

Posted by Mike on 1/24/2014
Hotel operators and other decision-makers in the hospitality industry will tell you that there are three keys to a healthy bottom-line on your annual profit-and-loss reports.

1) Maintain a high occupancy rate
2) Save as much money as possible in all areas of operation
3) Investigate and exploit every possible revenue stream for your facility
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