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Towels 101, an educational short story

Posted by Mike on 7/21/2019
Towels 101, an educational short story
Towels come in many shapes, sizes, colors, and fabrics. They are made from absorbent material, typically cotton,  and used to dry off the body, hands, and face, as well as for wiping off objects. The right selection can make a hotel room or home more inviting or be a great bathroom accent.

How to Keep Your Day Spa’s Towels Smelling Fresh and Clean

Posted by Mike on 7/21/2019
If you run or own a day spa, guests come to your location in order to relax. Because of this, they expect the best of everything, including your towels. However, since purchasing new towels every day isn’t something any business can afford, it’s essential that you keep your day spa’s towels clean in order to keep reusing them for as long as possible.

QUALITY & REPUTATION: Embroidered Goods

Posted by Christine on 7/21/2019
In the age of double airline miles and hotel club points, how can a hotelier stand out? The age-old truth still applies—by being the best! The best does not mean the lowest prices, the largest amount of rooms, or number of people sandwiched into them, nor your bottom line skyrocketing (at least in the beginning).

Replace or Reuse - A Matter of Customer Satisfaction

Posted by Mike on 7/20/2019
Oh sure, we know many of our customer hotels want to be "green," and many have developed programs that encourage recycling either by the company itself or from its hotel guests. One of the most prominent such programs in the last 10 to 15 years has been the "reuse or replace" program in regards to towels and linens.

Why 18/0 Flatware is Better

Posted by Mike on 7/20/2019
When you see the measurement 18/0, it means a product is manufactured of 18% chromium stainless steel, no nickel content. 18/0 is less expensive because of this and various companies offer 18/0 products as an alternative, passing the savings on to consumers. In light of that, one would expect these items to be a disappointment. But that actually depends on the manufacturer and the particular product. 

Towels and Other Essential Linens for the Hospitality Industry

Posted by Melinda on 7/20/2019
There are a number of products that are essential to creating a quality customer experience within the hospitality industry. Towels, robes, and linen sets are an indispensable part of the services offered by hospitality providers; without these items, guests will not receive the full experience that establishments aim to offer.

What you Need for a Perfectly Decorated Bathroom

Posted by Mel on 7/20/2019
Bathrooms can be as stylish as you make them! People love walking into a well-decorated bathroom in hotels, spas, and many other places and get inspired to re-create this "atmosphere" in their own homes.

Comforting Uses for Your Towels

Posted by Mike on 7/20/2019
Towels may not always seem glamorous, but they are extremely essential and often stylish! There are many other ways than meet the eye that towels can be effective. There are several places where you may notice towels. Without the presence of these towels you may find that your visit to these places would be very different.

What to Seek When Buying Quality Linens and Towels

Posted by Mike on 7/20/2019
It is important to have quality linens and towels in order to have the most comfortable sleeping and bathing experience. Low quality items tend to incur damage much more easily, and they often feel hard or scratchy. To avoid dealing with these issues, look at the material from which the items are made as well as the thread count and texture.

Reduce the Risk of soap and bacteria Buildup on Your Shower Curtain

Posted by Mike on 7/20/2019
Although it is easy to forgo the prevention of soap and grime buildup and mildew on shower curtains, there are simple ways to prevent them from appearing. Instead of ignoring these unsightly occurrences or being forced to constantly clean your shower curtain, take these few precautions on a regular basis.

Dry your shower curtain immediately after showering to prevent mildew from occurring. Drying your shower curtain with a wet rag also removes any soap from your curtain while it is still wet, preventing soap scum.

Planning Ahead on Bulk Hotel towel purchases

Posted by Mike on 7/20/2019
If you manage one or more properties in the hospitality industry, or are in charge of purchasing for a restaurant, hospital or other institution, then two of the chief responsibilities you have are to make sure you always have the towel supplies you need, and saving as much money as  possible on those institutional and hotel towels purchases. Fortunately, the optimal solution to both of those tasks is the your towels and  amenities and institutional supplies in bulk at wholesale prices.
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