One thing a person looks for in any boutique hotel is the provided amenities and their quality. Experts believe that amenities are things, which although are smaller in size and significance, can definitely make an impact on the overall guest experience. When these things are satisfyingly organized, they can give the feel or the comfort exactly of your home. In this way, these amenities become a very important factor in determining the popularity of not only boutique hotels but any other hotel. With boutique hotels, the expectation rises because everyone expects them to be like their homes.

That's why it becomes very important for boutique hotels to provide the best amenities and services to their guests. For boutique hotels, it is said that they have the habit of providing best things to their guests and making them spoiled by their habits. Guests of boutique hotels live through comfort. This is the reason why these boutique hotels have to provide high quality soaps, body lotions, branded toothpastes and toothbrushes and superior quality towels and slippers. For any visitor of a boutique hotel, the necessity of amenities is not restricted to toothpastes, body oils, body lotion etc. These are the basic things any hotel will provide. The good thing about boutique hotels is that other than providing these things in abundance, they show their extra concern for their customers by providing toothpastes, toothbrushes, shaving foam, deodorants, hair gels, bathroom towels, bathroom slippers and many other things of basic needs.

Boutique hotel owners get these objects of daily needs in bulk from some distributors called hospitality supply distributors'. This business of hospitality supply is a very service oriented and competitive one and boutique hotel owners make sure that they are buying the best things from the best in the market, just to provide excellent services to their guests. The amenities that are normally provided by any boutique hotel includes toothpastes and toothbrushes from the best brands of the market and many other products of personal hygiene which are needed by the guests such as scented roll-on anti-body odor, body-lotion and hand-lotion, non-aerosol hair spray, marble shower caps. Mind you, these things are bought from the best in the industry. This is why the guests of boutique hotels are bound to come back again and again to the same hotel.

Boutique hotels have the reputation of getting the best thing for their customers, it doesn't matter how they arrange it. They get these products from the most respected brands on the market; just to assure that there is no divergence in the quality provided to the guests. And since, these products are tested and tried by the experts; these boutique hotels have no hesitation in buying them for their guests. For every boutique hotel, customer friendly basic amenities products are always a top priority and they gain much of the profit from this fact. This is the hidden secret of boutique hotels, that in order to guarantee success and popularity for the hotel, basic amenities should be provided to guests in the way they like them and should be treated as the most important need of the guests.