When you work long hours in the kitchen, it is normal to expect stains on your chef coats and aprons. While removing the stains without damaging the fabric can be a challenge, there are some simple tips you can follow to get the best results.

Cleaning Chef Coats

Even the most experienced chefs are bound to stain their chef coats once in a while. When you are working in a busy kitchen, it just takes a second to stain your coat. It may be a splash of liquid chocolate, tomato juice or even blood splatter from a freshly cut slice of meat.

To remove the stains, you must remember to never soak the clothes in hot water. You can use warm water or cold water while you keep the coats soaked for 10 to 15 min. Gently rub the stains and make sure to not use excess force as this could damage the fabric.

The use of chlorine bleach should always be the last resort since they are known to weaken the fibers. The regular use of bleaching also results in the coats turning yellow. If after washing your chef whites, the stain is still present, do not put it back in the dryer. This will further rub the stain deep into the fabric making it impossible to remove, rather leave it out to dry.

If the stain on your coat or apron is a water based one like tomato juice for instance, you can rub the stained region with a piece of damp cloth and salt. This will ensure that stains do not stick on to the inner layers of the fabrics while washing. If the stain on your coat is fat based liked grease, you can use soap water to remove the stains.

For stubborn stains, you can use either club soda or vinegar to get the desired results. If you are at home, it might be advisable to use oxygen based detergents. They are gentle on the fabrics and are known to remove many different types of stains.