Oh sure, we all know what a beach towel is, and we know what a bath towel is - the definition solely depends on where the towel will be used.

We're only kidding, but then again there are some who don't really know much of a difference between them. Some people know a beach towel doesn't belong in the bathroom, but they have no problem using a bath towel on the beach.

Yes, we know that most of our customers know the difference and can keep the towels from overlapping. But did you know that beach towels are so distinct that you or your guests might be using them wrong?

How is that possible, you say, between snickers? It seems odd, but the fact is that beach towels are distinct for one key reason - the two sides of the towel are different from each other. A well-crafted beach towel has one side that sucks up water, and another side that provides a soft place to sit or lay down on a lounge chair or the beach.

Yes, it's true. There is a reason that the decorative designs on beach towels are only on one side and not both sides. For those who don't know, consider this a great lesson; for those who do know, pass this along:

There is a design only on one side because of the way the two sides are made. The design side is for sitting or laying down because the loops of the terry cloth have been chopped to make a softer feel. The side with no design is the side that is used for drying off the water because it feels coarser due to the loops which most effectively gather the water and pull it off your body.

So yes, it is possible that people may not be using the correct side of a bath towel to dry. Always use the side that does not have the design on it. And for good measure, really don't use bath towels on the beach; beach towels are thin and are meant to dry quickly, while bath towels need as much as a full day to dry - which is not good for those who like to use the hotel pool and the beach and the hot tub and back again.

Just a little something to keep in mind.