There are a number of products that are essential to creating a quality customer experience within the hospitality industry. Towels, robes, and linen sets are an indispensable part of the services offered by hospitality providers; without these items, guests will not receive the full experience that establishments aim to offer.
Investing in quality bath towels and linens help ensure trouble-free use and maintenance. Not only are high quality towels easier to care for, many professional-grade towels and linens are designed especially to resist the wear and tear associated with heavy use. With the help of these specially designed towels, hospitality providers can focus on supplying the exceptional customer service they are known for.
The Right Towel for Every Job
Hospitality service providers should select their supply of towels based primarily on the uses that the towels will be put to. Each type of towel is designed to perform a particular job. Many years of market research and product design goes into the creation of each towel style, including:
·         Beach towels
·         Pool towels
·         Golf towels
·         Economy and standard bath towels
·         Beauty salon towels
·         Auto detailing cloths
·         Bath mats
·         Bath rugs
Towels are just one type of popular hospitality linen. Robes, table service linens, sheets, and bedspreads are also widely used. Robes made of velour or terrycloth are luxurious, fluffy, and perfect for wrapping up in. They have minimal care needs past basic laundering. Table service linens include tablecloths, napkins, serviettes, tray cloths, and similar items. The table linens produced for the hospitality industry are stain resistant and will wash clean again and again. A fresh, pristine table can be set for your guests every time these special items are used.
Businesses working within the hospitality industry have to invest in quality linen products. These products will stand up to heavy use, look excellent after laundering, and be perfectly suited to their intended use.