The facts about blankets

Vellux ( by Martex) are 100% flocked nylon on a polyurethane foam center. There is a 1" hem on the top and bottom. They are easy to care for. Just machine wash and dry.

Soft Touch blankets are the same just made by a different company (Springs). Either of these two manufacturers say their blankets will not pill or scratch.

Cotton thermal blankets are 100% cotton, lightweight, have a leno weave and hemmed ends. Machine wash and dry (I do not know what a leno weave is)

Acrylic heavyweight non-woven blankets are 100% acrylic with 4" nylon binding on both ends. These blankets are treated to reduce shedding, pilling and matting. Machine wash and dry.

Polyester is a non-woven blanket. Durable, medium weight 100% polyester, made for the hotel industry. Nylon binding on both ends. Treated to reduce shedding and matting. Machine wash and dry.