Thinking of turning your home into an inn during the holidays? If yes, then prepare yourself for a wonderful opportunity filled with fun and money-generating potential. This is one perfect opportunity to earn extra income during the peak season and share your home’s most treasured amenities. But before you compute your future income, its best to understand first the business and discover the important elements that you need to cover.

A bed and breakfast is different from your traditional hotels and accommodations. Think of this business model as a fusion of a hotel and a private home, which means that your guests can get the best of both worlds. Traditionally, a bed and breakfast can accommodate from 4 to to 10 guest rooms and the owners stay in the facility to provide services to the guests and interact with them. But you don’t necessarily need to target the exact number of rooms and design your property into the mold of the popular bed and breakfasts in town. You can have your own version of a B&B and feel proud about it if you can pay attention to the details, from the pillows and sheets you use to shower towels.

Invest in the bedrooms

The bedrooms should be inviting enough and should provide your guests with reasons to enjoy their stay. Don’f focus too much on the style and the decorative accents of your bedrooms since different persons will have different style preferences. Rely on classic designs and the use of neutral colors. Your attention should focus on the bed and what you put into it. Buy premium bed line, cotton blankets, acrylic and thermal blankets to complete your collection. Again, the rule here is to shop for blankets and sheets in neutral colors. Look for sheets that will match your curtains and other fabrics used in the bedrooms. Don’t forget to throw in a comfortable number of pillows to complete the experience.

Don’t forget the bathrooms

If you have a budget, then consider a bathroom in all rooms. If not, try to come up with a spacious and great-looking common bathroom. You can keep it simple, but make sure that all the basics are all accounted for, including a bath, shower, toilet, sink and mirror. Provide every room with a steady supply of bath towels, shower wraps and robes. To ensure cleanliness, you can also add some accent rugs and bath mats.

Aside from the bedrooms and bathrooms, you also need to pay attention to your lighting and ventilation of your home. These are the critical requirements that should form part of your planning list in case you want to take your B&B seriously. And don’t worry about the cost of the new sheets, towels and pillows since most of these are available online, in bulk pricing.