Hotel operators and other decision-makers in the hospitality industry will tell you that there are three keys to a healthy bottom-line on your annual profit-and-loss reports.

1) Maintain a high occupancy rate
2) Save as much money as possible in all areas of operation
3) Investigate and exploit every possible revenue stream for your facility

Among all of the different room-filling, cost-saving, money-making directions you can go, one strategy has a positive effect on all three areas. The Logo branding of certain amenities that can be purchased by your guests.

Fill Those Rooms!

While a percentage of your guests are part of the one-and-done demographic, a larger number of travelers will have need of your services regularly. It could be the business traveler who has to visit a local branch of his company periodically, or the pleasure travelers who enjoy your neck of the woods and take regular vacations there. It is important to maximize the rate of repeat business, and that requires marketing. By offering your customers logo-branded amenities like towels, bathrobes, wraps and even apparel at a reasonable price, you keep your name and your brand mark in front of those potential repeat customers' eyes longer and position yourself as the name they remember. This will translate to more repeat customer visits and fewer unoccupied rooms.

A Safe Haven for Savin'

The biggest problem that most commercial entities run into when dealing with promotional merchandise retailers is the ridiculous costs involved. The companies that sell you the products and then do the printing on those products tend to have much higher mark-ups. By purchasing your bathrobes, apparel and other brandable amenities from a true hotel amenities bulk seller, you save a significant amount of money. You can then choose the most cost-effective printer for the branding process. Not only do you conserve a healthy chunk of change, you also have greater control and selection when it comes to the material quality of those amenities.

Leave No Profit Unturned

By offering logo-branded amenities to your customers, you create a completely viable revenue stream that is completely separate from, yet wholly supportive of, your property's other financial sources. You can even experiment with the price points to find a perfect middle ground between quantity of merchandise sales and profit per individual item. Many hotel operators choose to provide these products at nearly the break-even point, simply due to the value of the highly effective marketing they provide.