When you own a rental property you should probably have some supplies around for your guests to use and enjoy. Depending on your location these can be specific to the region and the climate that surrounds it. You don't have to do these things for your guests, but if you want great referrals and repeat customers you should probably provide the following for them to have in your property.


These are always a welcome sight when you are in a rental property. In some cases people can forget to bring their own towel when they are renting a house or condo. In many cases this is because they are used to going to a hotel and getting some free towels with their stay. The other scenario is that the group, be it family or friends, could have left in a hurry and forgotten theirs at home. In either case, it's always nice to have on hand. Just inform them to wash the towels after their done.

First Aid Kits

First aid kits can take on the form of a wall mounted unit or a small kit in the medicine cabinet. This can help your visitors and also give them another reason to recommend the place because not only are you giving them a nice place to stay, but you are looking out for them as well. If the people staying with you have accident prone children/friends, it can mean a lot to find a kit in the home.

List of Stuff!

A list of things you should eat at or visit will go far for those who are renting your place. One of the major problems when you are on vacation is where you should go and where you shouldn't go while you are vacationing. This will go far with your tenants and you can keep those pesky renters from your favorite watering holes!