Oh sure, we know many of our customer hotels want to be "green," and many have developed programs that encourage recycling either by the company itself or from its hotel guests. One of the most prominent such programs in the last 10 to 15 years has been the "reuse or replace" program in regards to towels and linens. 

Many independent hotels and chains give the choice to guests whether to have their towels and/or bedsheets replaced each day, or to re-use them for one or more days. Some chains offer incentives to guests to keep their linens another day, while others leave the choice entirely up to the guest. Either way, however, what does this kind of program mean in terms of customer satisfaction at hotels?

Some research recently revealed that about 60 percent of all guests participate in a sustainability program (90 percent of guests are offered the opportunity), and those who participate (meaning, they re-use their linens more than one day) report better satisfaction in their stays than those who do not participate (get new linens each day).

And in the hotel business, customer satisfaction can be the holy grail, more so than just about any amenity the hotel offers. So when it comes to towels and linens, perhaps the results of this study may lead you, a hotel manager or chain owner, to consider incorporating a sustainability program more often. After all, customer satisfaction usually leads to customer loyalty, and repeat business can be a gold mine that more than pays for whatever incentives you might offer for re-using hotel linens just one more night. However, sooner or later you have to replace them. You can find quality products here