Although it is easy to forgo the prevention of soap and grime buildup and mildew on shower curtains, there are simple ways to prevent them from appearing. Instead of ignoring these unsightly occurrences or being forced to constantly clean your shower curtain, take these few precautions on a regular basis.

Dry your shower curtain immediately after showering to prevent mildew from occurring. Drying your shower curtain with a wet rag also removes any soap from your curtain while it is still wet, preventing soap scum.

Purchase a smooth shower curtain to prevent water from forming in the creases and pockets. Soap scum and mildew thrive in these areas.

Prevent mildew from forming on the bottom of your shower curtain by hanging your curtain on the outside of your bathtub. This stops your shower curtain from clinging to the wet part of the bathtub.

Make sure that your curtain remains opened wide when it is not in use to air it out. Regularly make sure that there are no folds in your shower curtain to prevent mildew from forming in the creases. 

Use the ventilation system in your bathroom to keep air circulating throughout the bathroom, preventing mildew cultivation. Ventilate the bathroom during your shower, and leave it on for some time afterward.

The key factor in reducing buildup on your shower curtain is reducing the moisture in your bathroom and shower curtain. Adding a few extra steps after you take your shower reduces your cleaning time dramatically. Keeping your shower curtain free from soap scum and grime is not only aesthetically attractive, it prevents unhealthy mildew from accumulating.