Everyone loves a good, warm shower to get clean, add some moisture to your body and in some cases, wake up in the morning. Towels play a large role in our lives when it comes to being clean and sometimes staying clean. 

Towels are rather unassuming for the most part, but they can play a role in customer satisfaction in hotels and resorts, and they can play a role in how we maintain our skin. 


Yep, when you use that towel after that warm shower, you might in some ways be working against yourself when it comes to protecting and defending your skin from dryness, simply by how you use your towel.

Did you know that, for the sake of your skin, how you towel off can be crucial? Rubbing the towel across your skin in order to get really dry is actually chafing the skin and leading to even more dryness. Meanwhile, studies have shown that patting your body lightly to get just the excess water off actually leads to more moisture for your skin, and if you follow up your patting with moisturizer, your skin will retain a lot more moisture. This leads to healthier skin and fewer skin troubles later.

So when you take your next shower either tonight or in the morning, work on giving your body a soft pat instead of a rub with that bath towel. You may feel a huge difference in your skin, and that may help you feel better about your body.